A proven process to help you be smoke free…forever!
This book will demonstrate why you smoke… even though you don’t want to. Then it will show how you not only get off nicotine, but how you break the habit… and the thought process that makes it work… physically, mentally and emotionally. All to help you easily and gladly stop smoking. The complete process is provided, including three essential audio components–all based on the success of thousands of happy nonsmokers who have followed this easy, painless process.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Shawn Mossell is trained in various approaches to therapy. He is the owner of The Stop Smoking Center and The Wilmette Spinal Touch Center in Wilmette, Illinois. Since 1987 he has trained thousands of people in the subject of focused daydreaming/meditation/self-hypnosis and psychorientology, the study of the mind/brain/body connection. And, among them, thousands who are now happily—and permanently—smoke free.


Morning Relaxation Audio

Evening Relaxation Audio


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“I have been smoking for 40 straight years and since about 20 years now I have tried to quit, vainly trying everything that was available. But after 3 months, I was always back to square one with a cigarette in my mouth because I could no longer deal with the craving.

…(seeing you) was the best decision and the best investment I have ever made. Not only do I no longer even think about smoking or cigarettes, I reconciled with my young daughter who gives me hugs again since the tobacco smell is no longer on me. Also, my wife is now off my back, she was harassing me daily to quit smoking. Since I quit, she quit too.

Thank you so much Shawn from me and all my family.”

I was ready to quit smoking….But I thought it was going to be the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Boy was I wrong! It has been amazing! No withdrawal, no cravings, no nothing. I feel as if I was never a smoker…”

Gina G, Chicagoland

I came to you in April 2008. The great news is I have not had a cigarette since then… have never even thought about picking one up or cheating. Thank you so much for giving me the tools to stop smoking and to remain smoke free.”

John R, Chicagoland